Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review: SRK, The King of Romance is Back!

Jab Harry Met Sejal Movie Review

There are many things which can be said about Shah Rukh Khan-Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Jab Harry met Sejal,’ but let’s take a minute to appreciate the chemistry between SRK and Anushka. Shah Rukh is back with his charm, his romance, his quirkiness, his chemistry, and his way of getting into people’s heart. Anushka is a fantastic actor, and the whole movie had been a dud if it weren’t for her. She has the same importance in this film as SRK has.

‘Jab Harry met Sejal,’ in a nutshell, is about an Indian tourist guide ‘Harry’ based in Europe who is a womanizer falls in love with a Gujarati girl ‘Sejal’ who’s already engaged. She lost her her ring during her tour to Europe with her Fiance and family, and she needs Harry’s help to find the ring back. Harry is trying to not mess with Sejal’s life by sleeping with her since she is engaged and about to get married. JHMS’s climax isn’t too ground breaking, but you’ll surely love the twist in the film. Character wise, ‘Harry’ is shown to have a troubled past and flashes of his childhood appears frequently in the movie. He hails from Punjab, India and sleeps around with women leaving them after; he is alone from the inside, he knows something is missing. ‘Sejal’ on the other hand, is confident, Quirky, and cheerful. She loves her fiancé, but she knows she could be treated better than how her fiance treats her.

Director Imtiaz Ali has taken every aspect of the film into consideration by carefully designing and portraying the character arc of both SRK and Anushka. He showed SRK’s transition from being a normal Punjabi munda to a tourist guide in Europe with a Canadian citizenship. Anushka’s boldness and sportiness to blend in any culture she is into. This might not the best film of Imtiaz, but surely the best portrayal of a Bollywood romantic-comedy.

SRK’s energy level is still unmatched, he still can dance well, he has a strong hold over comedy, and his comic timing is at par with many comic actors in India. Anushka totally pulls off her Gujarati accent.

There are continuity errors in a couple of scenes in the film. Songs could be toned down a bit; it was just too much. Even though is music is amazing, ‘Phurr’ song didn’t stand up to its hype.