Aqua Pod, the watery eatery of Dubai!

aquapod dubai

Aqua Pod is the latest gift to Dubai which is almost always surrounded by water and where the Emiratis and residents like to spend a significant amount of time at sea. It was recently launched in Dubai’s lagoons and is the world’s first sustainable floating drive-through.

Currently, the pod is situated in Jumeirah, but it will also cover areas like Al Sufouh and Kite Beach. It is initially serving only burgers, but if the idea proves popular the owners do have an aim to start branching out into desserts and pizzas.

The pod will either deliver food by jet ski to boats or accept orders from small watercrafts directly. It also has a built-in system enabling it to collect any waste wrappers or trash from the sea which is running on electrical propulsion.

Aqua Pod is only just one of the futuristic projects planned for the desert city.

This award winning concept is the brainchild of architect Ahmed Youssef. The new age travellers may have to go in the cold water to try the hot new food truck.