Dubai now has the World’s Largest Cup of Tea!

largest tea cup

On the evening of 25th January, Global Village Dubai created a world record by making the largest cup of ‘Tea’ the world has ever seen or drank from. The cup holds Dubai’s favorite Karak chai!

It was indeed a proud moment for the Emiratis for achieving this new record as tea drinking is an integral part of UAE’s culture

Five thousand liters of milky tea was prepared by 138 chefs in a 3.66-metre cup with a top rim diameter of 1.42 metres. Chefs who helped in preparing the tea were a part of the UAE’s Culinary Guild and led by Chef Uwe Micheel, President of Emirates Culinary Guild.

They started making the tea at 9 in the morning and finished around 3 in the afternoon. A temperature of 80 centigrade had to be maintained for the preparation. They had 70 cooking stations and 500 sets of recipes and the best ingredients were used to prepare quiet a good quantity of tea enough to fill 55,000 cups.

The ingredients used were:- 155kg of tea powder, 300kg of milk powder, 380kg of sugar, 7.5kg of cloves, 155kg of ginger, 47kg of cinnamon sticks and 47kg of cardamom powder.

There is a lot of planning needed. Someone from the municipality checked how the tea was being made and also made it sure that everything was clean and the tea was drinkable.

A sample of the drink was given free to the people visiting Global Village.

The large Tea Cup structure will be on display until February 1.