Last Exit – Food Truck Park in Dubai

Last Exit Food Truck

Last Exit Food Truck

Dubai is a city that literally brings the entire world to you in a plate. This global village is home to all kinds of cuisine, culture, and people from all parts of the globe. Last exit located at Sheikh Zayed road, Jebel Ali is a splendid addition to the pack of perks that you get to enjoy in this city of dreams.

Trailer food/street food is quite popular out in the west but Last Exit Food Trucks is the foremost in Dubai and is distinct from its contemporaries in the west. Embracing the 50’s model of food served in trucks, here you get to see trucks, trailers, classic cars in all shapes and sizes with a cosy homely touch to it. Each trailer serves a different cuisine or has their signature dish. So you have an array of delectable menu to pick from. From classic American burgers with luscious patties to authentic Arabic cuisine, there are dishes with a contemporary twist to it too. There are original dishes where the East meets the West for foodies who enjoy experimenting with tastes. The hot dogs at Last Exit gives you reminiscences of munching one right at Manhattan. Sea food platters, burgers, fish and chips rolls, and a scrumptious range of starters are just some of the choices at the urban seafood genre. Grills from different cuisines, quesadillas, falafels, and salads are all found in the menu. You name it and you have it! Fancy an English breakfast on your way to work or on your holiday with bacon, cheese, ham, sausages, pancakes? Then this is the perfect place for you. The options are not just limited to savoury dishes. The gourmet includes waffles, ice creams, puddings, parfaits, coffees, smoothies for everyone with a sweet tooth. There is even a Starbucks coffee stall that can definitely give you a kick start to your drive if you are dropping by on a long journey.

Drive through or take away is what must be coming to your mind right now but the ambience within can give a fine dining touch for those who want it too. This is an ideal spot to stretch your leg on your road trip and is easily accessible on your way to Dubai. Last Exit offers amenities such as parking facilities, restrooms/washrooms, prayer rooms, baby feeding rooms. If all this doesn’t entice you, there is a playing area dedicated to children as well. The surprises don’t just end there. This haven is open 24×7, all the days in the week. Drop in by anytime and you will be welcomed with inviting smells from this food park.  So this could be your next picnic destination or outing place with family and friends. This is an all round entertainment avenue with tastes that linger on your taste buds long enough to pull you back soon for your next visit.