5 Things To Know Before Working in Dubai

Dubai being the center of tourism and business, has become a job pool for young job seekers all around the globe. If you have the requirements that a company established in Dubai is looking for, then surely you can head towards a better future. Just follow the right steps and you can get there sooner than you know.

Things Know Before Working Dubai

1. Religion

Islam plays a major role in the day to day activities. People are very particular about their prayer timings especially during Ramadan, extensions and postponing work are natural. Most importantly consumption of alcohol and pork is strictly forbidden especially in public areas.

It is best to oblige to all the religious rules and regulations and also be aware of the prayer timings which is performed five times a day which may change according to sunrise and sunset.

2. Traditions and customs

Needless to say, Dubai is a place visited by people from all over the globe. You can also find many migrants from different countries who are settled here. Thereby you can witness different types of people with different traditions and customs which is clearly reflected in their cuisine and style of living.

3. Women in business

It is known to be customary to shake hands with officials but doing so with women is not allowed. It is evident that women enjoy a special status in society.

The same goes for Muslim men who find it rather uncomfortable to mingle with other women most probably out of sheer respect for women.

4. Economy

With shops, eateries, boutiques popping up at every mall and local markets business has boomed at a very considerable rate. Progression in trade, transport and distribution, manufacturing and processing have contributed to the advancement  taken in leaps and bounds.

With increasing business and tremendous annual tourist footfall, the standard of living has become quite high. It also has been stated to be one of the most comfortable place to live and work in. It also has world class facilities when it comes to fun and sports, leisure and holidays.

5. Ettiquets

It is always important to address or greet a person accurately and correctly with the right title such as Sheikh/Sheikha or Sayed/Sayeda when addressing someone important.

Dress codes should always be followed. Public display of affections and disorderly behavior is strictly forbidden and may result to a hefty fine or even put behind bars if rules are not adhered to.

These are some of the main things that you need to know about Dubai if you wish to work in this wonderful metropolitan called Dubai.