This is Dubai’s new ambitious project in 2018

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Library

With its creation, its development, and innovation going on, Dubai hardly sleeps. It has not even been a month since the opening of the infamous Dubai frame and Dubai Safari, Dubai is all set to open The Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Library, which will cost Dh1 billion approximately. The library is scheduled to open by mid-2018 and reportedly, Dubai Municipality officials have been closely monitoring its progress.

This grand library, which is located at Dubai Creek in Al Jaddaf area, is designed in the shape of a lectern covering an area of almost 66,000 square meters. The project consists of the main building with basement, ground floor, and seven floors, in addition to a central warehouse for books.

It will not only conserve books, manuscripts, and documents, it will even have a display of rare artifacts from Al Maktoum family in the museum which celebrates the heritage and history of human civilization.

Key points of this site:

The project’s architecture is based on the traditional lectern, which carries books in general and more specifically, the Quran.

Similarly, a library carries and preserves the cultural treasures of a nation in the form of literature, periodicals, and audio-visual media.

According to Dubai Municipality, “In this respect, the architectural concept of the library is based symbolically on the lectern, the Rehl, and translates this into a modern 21st-century vocabulary.”