Best Time To Visit Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai? Do you wish to pamper yourself during this vacation? Then head to this divine city that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. From skyscrapers that kiss the sky to crystal blue waters surrounding the city and dhows which brings in a rustic feel to malls housing world renowned brands. This is a city with contrasts that would surely suit everyone’s tastes.

Best time to visit Dubai

But wondering when is the best time to visit this marvelous metropolitan? Nobody would obviously enjoy the excruciatingly hot and dry weather. Hence anytime between November and April would be the best option. We would recommend you to choose the months that are comparatively cooler even though there are several malls, hotels and eateries that are air-conditioned and which compensates for the scorching heat.

During the month of Ramadan, however, strict rules of Islam are implemented due to which the total footfall falls considerably. Consumption of food has to be done in privacy or indoors and wandering about, shopping and merriment  is restrained  to a certain level.

The days between November and April witnesses the highest amount of tourists from all round the globe. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival held during January and February also invites a large number of tourists visiting the city. You will be in for smashing offers and great sales. So be sure to make space in your wardrobe before heading here. Be ready to face the immense crowd and traffic.

Dubai also hosts a number of festivals and events such as the Dubai Camel Racing held every Thursday and Friday between the months of October and April. For the sports buffs Rugby Sevens is also hosted in Dubai during the month of December. Also try to avoid trips between the months of June and September. Since a vacation to Dubai is incomplete without outdoor activities  such as different water sports, kite surfing, camel riding, desert safaris and sunbathing will be out of the question since the heat will be soaring quite high.

The most appropriate time to visit would be between the months of November to April since the weather would be quite pleasant. Be sure to make bookings in advance since this would be the best time of the year to make a perfect getaway to this city.

Be prepared to face the heat. Keep enough sunscreens, scarves, sunglasses in stock and always keep yourself hydrated. Stay indoors if the heat becomes unbearable. Chances are that it may rain between the months of January to March. So keep an umbrella in hand and welcome the rain that steadily cools the environment.

Now that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of visiting Dubai plan, organize and have a fun-filled trip with your loved ones.