Checking Your Visa Application Status Online in Dubai

UAE Visa Status

Check UAE Visa Status Online

The wait for your visa after securing a job in Dubai or for visiting your loved ones or joining your spouse can often be overwhelming. Now Dubai government has an answer to all such queries without having to go to the directorate of Immigration personally. This site is managed and run by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs under their official website. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort for sure.

The portal allows you to check the status of your visa application and has many more services available. The other services provided in this site include visa validity and entry permit status. You could check on this portal the status of both online application forms as well as the ones submitted otherwise through the immigration office.

The key services available at a glance

  • Entry Permit Validity: This helps you understand the validity of your visa and will be of immense help when you’re on a visit visa in UAE. You’ll be able to check the validity of multiple entry visa, long term visit visa, student visa, treatment entry visa, and tourist visa using this portal.
  • Residence Application Status: There are different ways in which one can apply for residence in UAE. Purchase of property and registration of your own company are different ways in which business people can get residence permit in Dubai.
  • Residence Visa Validity: In order to open a bank account, driving license, registration of an automobile, and to apply for a PO Box in Dubai, residence visa is required. To check the validity of residence your residence visa, you can use the online portal.

There are some basic data that you will be required to submit in order to get the valid information. This comprises of application number, first name in English, gender, date of birth, and nationality. You will also be asked to enter a code (Captcha) which is case sensitive to make sure the data is entered by an individual and not a computer. Another point to be kept in mind is to include only the first name and not the full name.

This process has to be followed for any kind of enquiry on the visa validity also. The user has to click on the particular title of interest and continue as directed on the site. The portal is pretty user-friendly and will help you to save a lot of time. You can get all required details regarding your visa on the screen of your person computer or laptop from the comfort of your homes or office cubicles.