Deira Fish Market Makes a Shift to the New Waterfront Market

Dubai Waterfront Market Deira

From the fishermen’s port to your home, Dubai has got you all easy and best by getting us all the new Deira Fish Market by shifting it to the new sets in the Waterfront Market located at the Al Khaleej Road.

The market widely spreads over of about 100,000 sq. feet with burgeoning fishermen along with the vendors of fruits and vegetables. Though the memories of the old market strike us about the buzzing sound and the hither and thither of people, and it has become hard to compromise with the hygiene and maintenance. In every shopping there is a unique experience bound in it. To not miss the chance of experiencing this again, rush and buy it all before this Ramadan as the gates of market are open until this Ramadan.

The shift of the market is highly focused due to the safe and hygienic selling of products, having in mind to promote a healthy living. And also to ensure the neat trading process, a new committee is organized to monitor and control the process. Supreme facilities from an air-conditioned hall to a spacious area for cleaning and cutting the fishes and other meats is also catered to the people and the traders.

Though there are certain restrictions on selling the food products, It remains a happy note to the vendors as for the rent they pay they are provided with maximum facilities like the digital weighing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioned halls, etc. all these make them a happy trading journey day-in and day-out. On the other side, the customers have a greater score of satisfaction to buy the food products as they are maintained fresh and sold in a hygienic environment. So, on the whole the process tends to meet both the ends.

The buzz on the opening of the new market at the waterfront market has already become the talk of the town. Go have a visit at the waterfront market when you’re around Deira.