9 Reasons to Take a Trip to Dubai Right Now

Dubai is one the best example of what a place can be with correct vision. Less than two decades back Dubai was nothing more than a place with a lot of deserts, and today it is one of the most preferred city for travelling, business, shopping, and entertainment.

Travel to Dubai
We are going to give you top 9 reasons to take a trip to Dubai right now!

1. The view from the tallest building in the worldDubai Burj Khalifa

Get this, you can see the curve of the Earth from the Observatory on the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa. On your face flat earth believers!

2. Ski in the middle of the desert
Indoor Ski Resort Dubai

In a sense. This desert ski is one of the world’s largest indoor ski resort which by the way is located inside Mall of the Emirates It’s 85 meters high and containing 5 slopes with the world’s first 400 m long indoor black run. Go crazy!

3. With over 1200 branded stores, The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world.
The Dubai Mall
Well, that’s not it. While we third world people have seasonal sales, Dubai has a month-long shopping festival. Don’t get us started on the stuff we give in contests and giveaways, anywhere between from cars to gold. Let that sink in!

4. We have the world’s largest fountain display!
Dubai Fountain
A 1000 ft. long fountain which shoots water up to 500 ft. up in the air with different music. Dubai is best at whatever it does!

5. A freaking man-made island, and yes, world’s largest
The Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai is the world’s largest man-made island. Multi-million dollar mansions, five-star hotels, and home to the world’s biggest celebrities! While everybody else says they can, we do it!

6. Beaches, like straight outta Baywatch beaches!
Dubai Beaches
As big the city Dubai is, people often come to these beaches to blow some steam off. It’s a perfect place to just let loose and relax! This amazing coastline has sunshine that stays for more than 10 months a year.

7. Got a lot of adrenaline? You’ll get the fix here
Skydive Dubai
There’s nothing that Dubai doesn’t have for you. And same goes for sports, helicopter rides, scuba diving, underwater diving, bunjee jumping, and everything you don’t know about yet. Why’re you still sitting there again?

8. While rest of the world have festivals, we have Mega-Festivals
Dubai Festivals and Events
Think of it as a festival but 10 times grand, large, and bright! Events, expos, fests, Dubai hosts it throughout the year and it’s practically impossible to cover it all.

9. Heaven for foodies, simple!
Food in Dubai
The wide range of food that you get here is enough to make this place irresistible. Arab, Persian, Lebanese and Indian to Filipino, Chinese, French & British, you name the cuisine and you will not be disappointed.

It’s really amazing that there exists a place where you literally get whatever you think of, Sports, entertainment, automobiles, culture, music, food, movies, shopping.. you name it, we’ve got it.