Job Scams in Dubai – All You Need to Know


On the lookout for the perfect job, there are plenty of websites and other sources that provide a lot of job opportunities that promises jobs of your taste. But how many are genuine? Many people have reportedly fallen into scams by swindlers who tempt job seekers using promising jobs and attractive packages. If you are not careful you may likely fall into one of these traps too.

Common trends of Job scammers:

  1. Offering attractive salary package without any skill or experience
  2. Immediately offering a job without having to submit your application going through an interview and interacting with the representative of the company to talk about job details and salary benefits
  3. Being asked to make a payment such as processing fees, training fees, placement fees etc. as a form of advanced payment to secure the job
  4. Being asked to provide credit card details and personal account information’s
  5. If address or contact details are not provided. If mentioned make sure to make a call to make sure it is genuine and not a fake number.

Reports of tricksters posing as a representative from a big oil company or hospital and sending out lucrative job offers to potential employees do come in all the time. These job offers are often tempting and are used to trap an unsuspecting mark. The offer letter will be sent bearing the company’s letterhead and logo. The offer is often one with a high salary and numerous benefits including medical, housing, expense account, travel allowance, beach club allowance etc. The offer may seem real enough.

With the offer letter these swindlers will also send out a contract, for you to sign, which fixes your position. This may give you peace of mind as a contact is binding right? Not if the company had naught to do with the offer of employment. The way in which these people get you to part with your money is by asking you to send them, or a ‘travel agency’, which in reality does not exist, a certain amount of money for your visa and flights. They will promise to reimburse this amount once you move to the UAE. Of course once you have handed the amount of money over to them, they disappear.


  • Always use a reputable recruitment agency, research them properly online and through various forums
  • Apply directly to the company and visit their official website
  • Use well known jobs boards to look for a job independently
  • Do not give your banking details to anyone online, if they are offering you a job they do not need to know this information
  • Do not pay to be hired, this is always a scam. A reputable company may ask you to fund your own flight to the UAE, but they will never ask you to give them the cash
  • If a company required you to pay for your visa, it will be included in your contract and taken out of your salary, once you have been employed. Never give them any money upfront
  • Do not give money to recruiters. This is illegal
  • Do an extensive research

So be careful and steer clear away from these traps and never ever jump into offers however lucrative or promising it looks.

Happy job hunting.