Things To Consider When You Move To Dubai


Are you getting ready to shift your base to Dubai? Things may or may not be the same when you change your root to a totally different place which will bear various customs and traditions. Here are certain things to consider especially when you move to a new place like Dubai.


Allow yourself a span of at least 4– 6 months to find any new position in Dubai. This will assure enough time to plan your job search, research the market and participate in any telephone interviews that you get invited to. Planning a trip to the location that you’re looking to relocate to is a good idea.

There are plenty of opportunities available to either get employed or start a venture of your own but it would depend on your line of work, as certain occupations are not paid as well as you might think in Dubai, you will more than likely have a greater salary than you would in other regions. Make sure you have enough cash to survive for at least three to four months when you get to Dubai if you intend to go hunting for a job.


Be it renting for an apartment or a villa, you will have to be paid in one lump sum for the entire year, which wouldn’t be ideal. Most of the time landlords allow rent to be paid in a lump sum amount in a single year but some are ready to negotiate the price that can be paid in installments. The company you work with can help you with this, and if not, any of the banks can once you have had an account for a couple of months.

There are also places that will allow you to rent on a month to month basis, although they will charge you a premium to do so. These are probably completely furnished and are the best option for the first few months after arriving, as you don’t need to make any kind of commitment.


The Dubai heat is very different and can be dry, dusty and relentless. Mostly the temperatures are often above 40° but there are many days when the temperature can hover around the 48° mark! For those  planning to visit Dubai, most places from Government buildings to schools, shopping malls, offices, public transport and cars are air-conditioned in order to keep tourists and residents comfortably cool and hydrated.


Although Dubai is advancing at a very fast pace both economically and technologically, yet it remains very traditional to its core. Religion is taken very seriously and so are the various beliefs and customs. People are very particular about their prayer timings especially during Ramadan, extensions and postponing work are natural. Women are expected to be demure and modest in both behaviour and dressing. Dress codes should always be followed. Public display of affections and disorderly behaviour is strictly forbidden and may result to a hefty fine or even put behind bars if rules are not adhered to.

Cost Of Living

Cost of living is high due to the cost of housing and schooling. Even though Dubai is a tax free environment, do to make sure that your income tries to manage all the expenses. There are costs that cannot be avoided such as schooling, transport etc.

It is possible to cut back on various expenses back home. Needless to say, it’s tax free too so you should find yourself with a bit more disposable income than you are used to. However, living in a new country on an insufficient salary will be a problematic, and this would be particularly so in Dubai where there is so much to enjoy, if you have the money, and so few ways to reduce costs.