7 Co-working Spaces in Dubai you Must Check Out Today

Dubai now has more and more startups opening up. With tourism and migration increasing every year, the real estate value is shooting to the stars. Like elsewhere around the world, a number of co-working spaces have sprung up around the city.

Co-Working Spaces

Here is our list of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.

  1. The Impact Hub, Dubai

The Impact Hub credits itself for being one of Dubai’s largest community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and techies. It aims to connect social entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters in impactful ways. In addition to the co-working space, The Hub offers individual offices, meeting rooms and spaces for events. The place also houses a number of entrepreneurial programs from two-day boot camps to 90-day accelerators.

The European hostel style cool working space has desks all over and seamless wifi. Hipsters – as they are commonly called, have access to Impact’s 92 global branches. They can also enjoy a game of FIFA on the PlayStation, have copious amounts of free coffee (with a tip jar that keeps it that way), and night owls can work their way into the wee hours lounging on a sofa-cum-bed.

Where: Downtown Dubai. impacthub.ae

How much: Anywhere from AED99 (for a day pass) to AED1 999 a month (for full accelerator membership).

  1. The Shelter

This is exactly how you would imagine a co-working space to be – concrete floors, recycled wood, and quirky design coming out of every nook. Backed by mobile operator DU, it offers more than just a co-working space to connect and facilitate budding entrepreneurs. You can part take in their panel discussions, workshops, lectures or enroll in one of their many paid-for courses. You can unwind and chill at their in-house café or work from there too!

Where: Al Quoz.

How much: It’s absolutely free.

  1. The Cribb

Colorful, vibrant and mixing work with play, The Cribb offers both free and paid-for spaces. You can come work on your own or be a member and buy five-a-side desk for your team. Permanent and semi-permanent space is available with access to meeting rooms, networking sites, and a ping pong table. You can access The Cantina area for free which offers great coffee and food from La Maison and Laqmouche. You can host your next corporate off-site meeting here or be a part of the various events that they host regularly.

Where: Al Quoz. the cribb.co.

How much: Free for basic access, AED1 399 p/m for a dedicated desk and extra benefits.

  1. MyOffice Level 29

If you have international clients visiting you and want to be in an upmarket working environment then you better call them to the Marina Plaza Business Centre.

A contrast from the shared desks and vibrant atmosphere that characterize most co-working spaces, the hot-desking zone at the Marina Plaza has polished wooden floors, curved dark wood cubicle areas, ergonomic chairs, and solidly constructed lockers. You also have meeting rooms that can be booked for workshops, seminars, and events.

Where: The Marina, Bay Square and Boulevard Plaza.

How much: +/- AED100 p/d.

  1. Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (DTEC)

Apart from the usual chill-out working space, network opportunities, café, and games areas, DTEC is designed and strategized to allure serious entrepreneurs who want to get off the road. The biggest benefit here is that members enjoy a subsidized techpreneur business license. Set up by the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, DTEC also has eventing spaces for your out of office functions.

Where: Silicon Oasis

How much: AED7,500 p/a upward, depending on your package

  1. The Co-working Café

Our pick for the coolest co-working space, this café is perfect for when you want to let your hair down and get work done. Lots of exposed concrete, graffiti, raw wood, desks with ample power points and relaxed lounges for the perfect blend of work and fun. Never face a Monday morning blue again with the chefs preparing tasty, healthy food and a bar at your disposal.

Where: Downtown Dubai

How much: AED50 p/d to AED1500 p/m

  1. The Bureau

The right mix between formal and informal, The Bureau is owned by the same team as The Co-Working Café and is located directly above The Impact Hub. There are trendy workstations with faux grass to run your feet through, a little room to make your phone calls with a huge red London phone box painted on the door, more private offices and rooms to host your events. The Bureau gives a one-day free working pass for its intimate space and starts charging you thereafter on a monthly basis. The huge ‘Make It Happen’ sign on the wall motivates you every single day when the sun directly shines on it making it look larger than life.

Where: Downtown Dubai.

How much: AED 50 p/d and AED300 upwards.