Cycling in Dubai: Guide on Rules, Fines and Cycling Routes

Put on your best sportswear and gear up for some exciting time outdoors. Even though Dubai faces harsh hot weather outside, many sports enthusiasts take the chance to engage themselves in outdoor activities. One such activity being cycling.

In order to promote healthy living the government of Dubai has built many biking tracks which are readily available to the public. These biking arenas are often complimented by beautiful botanical sceneries or the extensive sand dunes along the calm blue waters of the sea.

cycling in dubai

Some important things to remember.

To ensure a safe and smooth ride the following rules and regulations have been established by the Government of Dubai.

  1. Wearing a helmet is a must .Basic safety gears such as knee and shoulder pads are available throughout stores or malls.
  2. The bike dedicated roads and tracks are made for a purpose. Make maximum use of it. Do not go peddling off into main roads or highways. Those who disobey rules will be fined upto 600 AED and the police do have the authority to confiscate the bikes within a month if the matter becomes too bothersome.
  3. Riding on double seats are prohibited until and unless it is designed exclusively for two people.
  4. Do not ride in a way that might prove to be dangerous to both the biker and the pedestrians. It might lead to fines up to 200 AED.
  5. Use reflective clothing and use the front and rear lighting during appropriate times.

Riders are requested to be aware of the weather before heading outdoors. Do not stay out for long. Do carry enough water and stay hydrated all time. Take intervals if possible. Replenish your body with energy boosters. Carry enough money and a GPS device so as not to wander off in the wrong direction and to find your way back to the hotel.

Some of the best places to stop over for a hassle free ride are as follows:

Al Qudra Cycle Path

About 86Km in length, this track is suitable for those who wish to have a quiet and long ride along the splendid golden sand dunes. Refreshments are available along the way if required.

Al Barsha Park

This park is basically for kids and family members who likely spend the day together. It is open from 8:00am to 10:00pm everyday of the week.

Dubai Autodrome

Unlike long unending tracks, the Dubai Autodrome is known to have a closed loop of 2.5km.It is good for beginners or those who wish to have a mild start at riding.

Nad Al Sheba Cycling Path

Recently converted into a cycling track, this path has three loops i.e 4,6 and 8km.One of the unique features of this place is that it is well equipped with air-conditioned shower and changing rooms, lockers etc. The path is lit at night. It also holds a 850m kids biking zone with obstacles, signs and courses to educate children about road safety.

Mushrif Park

This park holds a 4.5Km long looped bike path. It is open most nights upto 11pm. Since the paths are not lighted it is recommended to install night lights for a safe ride.

Jumeirah Open Beach Park

It is good for leisure rides .It is built along the coastline of the Jumeirah beach opposite the Jumeirah mosque. The bike path is 2km in length and is open to the public.
For those who are an ardent fan of cycling, feel free to join cycling clubs across the city. Cycle are available for prices ranging from 3000 AED for simple bikes to premier cycles that can go upto 90,000AED.

Dubai Roadsters

One of the first of its kind in Dubai, it is a pet project of Wolfi Cycling Shop and manages events and rides which furnishes some of the most sought after tracks and platforms.

Cycle Safe Dubai

This club welcomes Friday morning rides at the Al Qudra Cylcing track as well as the Saturday morning run to Bab Al Shams. They are the most sought after clubs for its rider safe tracks and routes.
So freshen up, let the wind graze your hair as you explore through the routes of Dubai but remember to be safe and stay fit.