What You Should Pack When You Going To Dubai

Things to pack for a trip to Dubai

Are you literally pulling your hair out confused as to what to stuff in that suitcase of yours? Create a checklist in advance. Organise beforehand all the things that would be required to use during your stay in Dubai.


dubai beaches

Being a premier tourist destination, Dubai receives visitors from all around the globe. As we are aware, Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, which is known to own a conservative outlook towards style of dressing particularly for female travellers. The city seems to invite the Western crowd on the whole due to which female travellers are requested to adorn modest apparel. But the rules can be relaxed a bit. Swim suits, sundresses and beach wear is allowed as long as it covers the shoulders and knees. Topless sunbathing and see through dresses are strictly prohibited. Do remember not to wander about the city wearing your beachwear. Changing stalls are available to change back to casual wear.


dubai malls dressing

Since almost all the Malls and hotels are well equipped with strong air-conditioning facilities, the temperature indoors is quite cold compared to the scorching outdoors. So do not forget to pack some wrap-ups or jackets to stay warm.


desert safari

Safaris being heavily activity oriented, we recommend you to sport a light weight and light colored clothing to keep off the heat. Do not forget to carry a hat, some good quality sunscreen and sunglasses which would be essential for long hours outdoors.


dubai restraunts dress

If you plan to go for dinner in an expensive hotel or set out club hopping, then do not think twice. You can wear cocktail dresses that are in vogue but do remain elegant and modest. Men can opt for a more formal look.


dubai mosque dress code

Visiting a Mosque? Women are requested to wear full length loose fitting clothing with long sleeves and men should wear full length trousers as shorts are not allowed. Women should also cover their heads and wear an abhaya(traditional robes) or a shayla(headscarf). Visitors should remove their footwear outside.


Dubais local market or Souk dressing

Most parts of Old Dubai is filled with native conservative people. So to avoid unwanted stares do avoid low cuts, shorts or tight clothing etc.


Do carry necessary toiletries and prescribed medication even though it is available throughout various drugstores and hypermarkets in the city. Most importantly carry important identification documents that might be required for the journey.

It is our duty to respect the traditions and customs of the country we visit irrespective of the cultural differences. Only then can we enjoy a smooth and hassle free vacation. Practice sound etiquette’s from you address people and remember to be polite and avoid quarrels with the locals. Pack all the necessary items at-least a day before the D-date so as not to miss out on anything.