Burj Khalifa Lit Up For Shah Rukh Khan

Burj Khalifa Lit Up For Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s 57th birthday was clearly made special by his fans and buddies. King Khan had a good time at a fan event in Mumbai. From dancing to his songs to taking selfies with fans, SRK did it all. before in the day, he also unveiled the first teaser for his upcoming movie Pathaan.

Shah Rukh ‘s fan pages are overwhelmed with inside photos and videos from the event. SRK was seen wearing a jacket that had ‘ Pathaan ’ written on the reverse. Shah Rukh also cut a huge birthday cake.

SRK’s audience isn’t only limited to India, and for proof, you need n’t look any further than Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa Lit Up For Shah Rukh Khan, which was lit up on November 2 to wish ‘ Pathaan ’ Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday. “ Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan, Happy Birthday Pathaan, We love you, ” text that was displayed on the Burj Khalifa read.