FIFA World Cup 2022: Things to know before you head to Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022: Things to know before you head to Qatar

As the date of the important- anticipated Fifa World Cup in Qatar draws around, ticket prices have raised manifolds. Passes to Qatar which bring around Dh960 currently will rocket to over Dh,000 in some cases during the World Cup season. Given this, numerous football fans who are choosing to base themselves here are considering driving to watch the Fifa World Cup matches.

However, the Qatar interior ministry has blazoned that only buses with Qatari enrollment figures will be allowed into the country for day passages between Tuesday, November 1 and Friday, December 23. Others wishing to enter the country using their buses need to meet specific conditions and have special warrants.

The Drives

Drivers can access Qatar through the Abu Samra crossing located on Salwa Road. The drive from Dubai to Doha is around around 650 km and will take an normal of 6 to 7 hours. From Abu Dhabi, the travel is only roughly 550 km and can be finished in lesser than 6 hours. The border crossing, which has free parking, can receive,000 travellers per hour and is open for visitors.

Who Can Enter

Previously, only those with match tickets were permitted into the country during the sporting event. still, last week it was blazoned that transnational suckers who have bought match tickets will be suitable to invite up to three guests with or without tickets into Qatar to witness the addict zones. Although the ticket- holder needs to be at least 18 times old, there’s no age limit to those who can be invited.

The Permits

Those traveling to Qatar have been classified into four orders

1. One-day callers Citizens, residers and GCC citizens visiting Qatar for one day can enter with their buses only if their vehicle has a Qatari enrollment plate. Others mustpre-reserve a border parking spot where they can situate for free for 24 hours from the time they enter the country. They can also travel using shuttle motorcars to Doha Central Station or Al Qalayel meeting point. A service charge of QAR,000 applies for the alternate day the auto is situated at the border. The parking reservation will be available from November 1.

2. suckers with special authorization International callers who have match tickets can enter Qatar with their own private vehicles if they meet a specific set of conditions. The vehicle must have a minimum of three people and a outside of six and the ticket holder must have reserved hostel accommodation in Qatar for at least five nights. The caller can apply for entry permit, which costs Dh5043, using the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app and must buy vehicle insurance as well.

3. suckers coming by machine suckers arriving to watch the match can conclude to take a machine that will drop them off at the border outstation. The caller must carry a Hayya card. After entry procedures, they can take the free machine from the terminal to Al Messila Metro Station in Doha or use the shuttle machine to Al Qalayel family and musketeers pick- up area.

4. Special cases Although all borders of Qatar have been shut to those not attending the World Cup, special philanthropic cases will be considered. Those wishing to enter the country can apply for the permit through the Ministry of Home Affairs website, where operations will be reviewed and answered within 6 hours.