Twitter Helps Indian Woman to get an Emergency UAE Visa!

Twitter UAE Visa

It is really amazing how our life revolves around the internet these days. Likewise, social media has also become an integral part of our lives. Apart from celebrity hashtags and news, Twitter has an incredible story about an Indian woman who had been granted an emergency visa to the UAE.

Garima, an Indian wife had applied for an emergency visa to visit her critically ill husband in Dubai. Her visa didn’t come even though her husband’s condition remained critical. Her husband was seriously ill with a brain stroke. Hence, she decided to ask for direct intervention and tweeted to the external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj

Garima tweeted, “Dear @SushmaSwaraj mam, my husband is in critical condition in Dubai, brain stroke. I applied for an urgent visa under medical emergency. Though I hope the visa should come any moment, mam, plz help. My passport no z2216613. Mam, tmrw UAE embassy is closed for Friday. Plz help.”

To the surprise thousands retweeted her to support.

Garima went ahead tweeting, “Totally overwhelmed with twitter support. My thanks, n pranams to everyone. Please don’t criticise MEA, I need to go offline for some time. I m hopeful that help will come. Calling on lord shiva. My namaskars to all, thank u folks. Namaste. I’ll b back with update.”

Sushma Swaraj immediately got into action to address the issue. Her tweets were followed up with a phone call to Garima.

Garima updated her supporters by tweeting, “Just got a call personally from @SushmaSwaraj mam personally. I m speechless. She is travelling to Pondicherry, n called up on the way. I m told embassy has been working on my case since 9.30 pm yesterday. Things will move today. Many many thanks mam.”

The visa came through within less than a day.

The Indian embassy in Dubai too came forward and tweeted, “We have been told by Dubai authorities that visa has been done and Garimaji should receive it within the next 1-2 hours. Our official has also visited the hospital and met their relatives. We will continue to provide all help.”

Garima thanked and expressed her gratitude for the support and assistance she received by tweeting, “At the airport, awaiting boarding the plane… Thanks again @SushmaSwaraj Ji @MEAIndia @UAEembassyIndia @cgidubai should b able to spend few days with husband n then come back to see my little one, Gratitude!! Jai hind!”

Since Shushma Swaraj pinned a tweet encouraging others to share their problems and concerns via Twitter
Please represent/tweet your problem to the concerned Indian Embassy/ High Commission. That will expedite matters.

Garima reached Dubai and at last posted a photo from her husband’s bedside saying, “Thank u @SushmaSwaraj mam, @MEAIndia @cgidubai ! With husband. I think he recognized me, his eyes welled n he put his arm out to receive me. My entire family thanks you.

Well, as the saying goes, All’s Well That Ends Well, this crisis too ended on a good note!