Top Souks In Dubai

For those who fall in love with the hustle and bustle of the local markets lined by stalls selling their wares, will sure to be in for a treat after they take a trip to the souks of Dubai. Touching the spices to custom made gold, these souks will definitely grab your eye.

Souk Madinat

souq madhinath

Home to a plethora of sculptures, art and fashion, the Souk Madinat has an air of authentic middle-eastern grandeur. You can also spend some quality time at an assortment of cafes and eateries or you can also visit some plush restaurants with a splendid view of inter-twining waterways. And also not to forget this, take a pleasure in having a soothing ride on an Abra enjoying the ambience of Dubai.

Textile Souk

textile souq

The Textile Souk is just an Abra away to Bur Dubai. Take delight in running your fingers through some of the finest fabrics available. Shops are filled with rolls of different materials such as cotton, silk, linen and a lot more. Take your time in exploring through and pick up the ones you admire. Fall free to hop into tailoring shops found aplenty on the streets and fashion out some of the traditional outfits such as kandoras, abhayas or suits.

Perfume Souk

perfume souq UAE

Whiffing the air to Sikkat Al Khali Street, indulge in some of the finest bottled treasures that would promise to leave your senses enthralled. It is not just the fragrance of the Arab perfumes but also the scented from candles and incense sticks, essential oils and oud. You can also make your own perfume that would be fashioned by perfumers. Wholesale purchases are also available.

Souk Al Bahar


Located in one of the biggest malls in Dubai, the Souk Al Bahar is not the regular traditional market place. Different types of merchandise such as jewellery, oils, abhayas, oils etc; are sold across the well-known international brands. Add to your stash some of the trendiest accessories while enjoying a good view of the light show of the Dubai Fountain.

Dubai Mall Souk

Dubai mall souq

This is no ordinary local market filled with shops and stalls selling different merchandise, it is luxury and magnificence in massive proportions. Built on par with international standards, The Dubai Mall Souk is a house to 40 different jewellery and watch shops. So load up those wallets and start shopping to your heart’s content.

Spice Souk

spice souk dubai

Wish to send those taste-buds tingling? Drop in to the Spice souk. The air here is filled with the aroma of the middle-eastern spices. This is a hotspot for food enthusiasts who hunt for both conventional and never seen before spices, herbs and fruits. Feel free to purchase from a wide variety of dates, dried fruits etc. It is also well-known for its finest quality saffron and other exotic spices and nuts.

Gold Souk

Dubai Mall Gold Souq

If you are in for some bling, then a visit to the Gold Souk is a must. Those who wish to take home with them a piece of gold jewellery or traders who wish to purchase gold in bulk should take a stroll through the souk.

Ornaments of both heavy and delicate designs are on display. You can also customize your own unique piece of jewellery complete with semi-precious stones and other types of valuable and expensive metals.