Extreme Sports in Dubai

This is definitely not for the weak hearten. Got the guts to engage in some extreme sports? Then the following 10 activities would surely leave you wanting for more. Take an escapade into some of these exciting once in a lifetime experiences which would guarantee an unforgettable reminiscence of your life.  

1. Sky Diving


Skydive Dubai

Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you zoom through the sky and let gravity do its work. It has become one of the most trendiest sport across the world and is a part of everyone’s bucket list. And if you are one such person who would like to try a hand at it in Dubai,then come to  Skydive Dubai, Dubai Marina for a fees of 1,999Dh. We assure you that the unforgettable view of the city from up above the sky will leave you in search for words. It is highly liberating and of course a feat truly accomplished.

2. Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jump

Nerve-wrecking to the core,this free fall dare-devil take on fun will knock you out of your breath. Straddled to a rope a lungful of air take a jump down 50m below at Gravity Zone, Sheikh Zayed Road for a nominal fee of 360Dhs. This sport has taken the world by storm for its high adrenaline experience as you are send flinging off a cliff as gravity swallows you whole.

3. The Shark Tank


Shark Tank Dubai

Starting at just 875Dhs,the Dubai Mall and Aquaventure offers a unique experience underwater. Ever thought of how it would feel, swimming with the sharks rather than gawking at them from the safe side of the aquarium wall? You heard that right. Experienced divers will take you down the 11 meter deep tank, to become familiar with 33,000 creatures of 140 different species, with more than 400 sharks and sting rays waiting to take a swim along with you.

4. iFLy


iFly Dubai

What if you do not have wings? iFly, which is also called indoor skydiving, is one of the newest trends in Dubai and available at various ventures. Even though it is not as frightening as jumping off a plane from hundreds of miles above the sky,  the individual is supported by an upward wind stream that can reach 220kmph, while the human is to be lifted up in a vertical acrylic glass wind tunnel of ten meters high. During the course, you learn how different body positions can help finding the right balance.So drop in to Playnation, Mirdif City Center for a fee starting from 220Dhs.

5. Fly boarding


Fly boarding Dubai

This is a type of water sports that will take your vacation to the next level. Powered by a jet ski, the boarder will be launched 10 meters above the sea, or take giant leaps forward as though walking on water. It definitely is not easy as it looks but you can win it with the right balance and loads of practice. The Jumeirah Harbor is the best option to try such a sport at just 300Dhs.

6. Kite Surfing


Kite Surfing

This sport unites water , air and surfing and that involves a giant kite and a surfboard, where the wind pulls the surfer through the water and through the air. And to do this you have to master skilfully the art of balancing on a board. For this you need a couple of lessons on how to get yourself going, without getting tangled up in the ties of the kite while trying to find the right balance on the board. This sport is practiced at several beaches for a small fee of 350Dhs per hour per person.

7. Slides


Wild Wadi Water Slide

Slides do not fit in quite right with extreme sports ,does it? Well you are wrong about that. These monstrous thrill-filled rides has been  newly opened in Wild Wadi Water park and has a guest climb of a 32 meter tower. At the top, the participant is stands above a tube as he is tossed below rushing at a  speed of about 80 kmh. official zlibrary domain zlib . Find free books

Equally mind-blowing is the scary Leap of Faith in Aquaventure Waterpark. From the top of a 9 stories high tower, you glide down an almost vertical tube, which leads into the shark tank.

8. Hot Air Balloon


Hot Air Balloon

Want to take a break from all that jumping? Then board on to a hot air balloon and find yourself chilling as you float across the sky. The panoramic view of the horizon is surely a sight to behold. Most balloon rides are up in the sky for about an hour and offer sunrise and sunset rides, to get most out of the experience which costs about 900Dhs.

9. Jet skiing


Jet Ski

Out of all the other extreme sports, you will need a license to ride one of these mean machines. It is a common and well-known type of water sport that needs extreme precaution since it has been reported to have multiple accidents world-wide. If you are at the Ghantoot or Mamzar Beach,to try a hand at Jet Skiing for a fee of about 250-300Dhs.

10. Racing


Apex Dubai Autodrome Motorcity

Imagine taking a racing car,a glorious the 80 BHP single-seater, within 4 sec of ignition that will take  you at a speed of 100 km/h zooming through the race course. For beginners, on the racing track, the guest driver will follow an instructor who will speed up lap by lap, to experience the feel of a racing car. Any driver who holds a valid driving licence for more than 12 months is permitted behind the wheel, a valid driving license being a GCC, European, North American, Australian or International License. Rent a single seater for just 875Dhs.