Cruising Through Dubai in a Motorcycle

Buying any vehicle is a huge investment and no decisions should be taken without proper research. The same goes for motorcycles too. If you have been contemplating buying a motorcycle in Dubai, here are some points you need to consider before getting your hands on those keys.

bike riding dubai

Even though cars are the sturdier and most common mode of private transport in Dubai, bikes have never been out of style. The owners of motorcyclists even have a sense of belonging and community with each other. Dubai, as a city, has been witnessing a significant rise in the sales of bikes. The domestic sales, which include factory shipments, reached 419,398 units in 2013 and is expected to increase at the rate of 4 percent every year. Apart from helping in transport, motorcycles are used for sports and recreational use such as adventurous off-roading.

Yes, riding a motorcycle is not everyone’s forte. So, if you are still contemplating whether to get a motorcycle or not in the busy city of Dubai, this is where we are going to help. Here are the pros and cons of owning and riding a motorcycle in Dubai:

Why motorcycles are perfect for you

  • Bikes require lesser maintenance than cars and do not require frequent services too. Most damages are easily visible and cheaper to fix than a car.
  • Even though many motorcycles do not come cheap, they cost less than a car, thus making them convenient for most riders. The gas mileage for motorcycles is anyday better than that of cars, unless you are riding a ostentatious, top-notch sports bike.
  • Motorcycles work like a charm during heavy traffic. Easier to maneuver between cars and bigger vehicles, motorcycles will get to the desire places instead of being stuck in traffic for hours. They also have more access to parking spaces than any other vehicles.
  • Motorcycles most often maintain their resale value to a great extent, while that of cars drop after the first year.

Maybe you should think again

  • Motorcycles are only for good weathers. A storm, rain, smog or even severe heat, the motorcycle goes straight to the garage as these conditions make riding bikes extremely unenjoyable.
  • If safety is your primary concern, bikes might not be the ideal transportation for you as they are not as safe as cars. Wearing a helmet does improve safety exponentially but there are limitations.
  • Do you like to shop? Well, remember that bikes have limited shortage. Any extra bags will not have a place to go on your bag, which makes the trip inconvenient.
  • If you have a large family, then motorcycles are accommodating. Motorcycles would be a good choice, only if you are a solo rider or a small family.
  • The endurance of motorcycles is less compared to cars. But this depends on the usage and driving conditions of both the vehicles.

Did these points help you make a decision as to whether to buy a motorcycle or not? The best way to get some more perspective is to talk to people who have both vehicles and also join the innumerable bike clubs across the city. Afterall first hand accounts paint the best picture!