A Guide to Renting Cars in Dubai

Get your hands on the swankiest car model available in the market, thanks to the plethora of rental companies available in the city. Here are some rules you need to keep your eyes on before taking the wheel:

Car Rental

Dubai’s pristine, broad roads beg to have fast, expensive cars driven on them. This is where the city’s thriving car rental arena comes to play. And if the lure of newer and upgraded cars’ versions is not reason enough, rental cars also have the added benefit of the customer getting a vehicle without burning a hole in his/her pocket.

Euro Monitor’s 2015 research on the UAE’s car rental industry claims that about 80% of the cars used in Dubai are rental and that the car leasing market has crossed the figure of AED 880 million.

But, before you jump up from your seat and head to the nearest rental shop, there are some rules and regulations you need to be aware of; otherwise the fines will be huge and the trouble will be endless.

Here are some of the important points you need to be aware of before getting your hands on a rented car:

  • Your insurance policy will not cover any loss or damage done to the vehicle when it is with you. The same goes for the rental shop’s insurance, so be careful as any damage would have to come out of your pocket. In case of an accident inform the police and the rental company as soon as possible. If the car breaks down or doesn’t work properly, contact the company otherwise they might charge you for the damage.
  • Rented cars are not allowed to be taken outside the UAE. You might have to pay heavy fine and lose valuable time taking care of legal procedures.
  • Ensure that you are have a registered driving license. If you have an International Driving License or even a Driving License from other reputed countries, then you do not need a UAE license. The Roads and Transport authority of Dubai approve the transfer of licenses from 32 countries such as the UK, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Canada and South Africa. In addition to this, age limit of the driver is 25 years.
  • Adhere to the rental company’s’ policies and pay charges and deposits in advance. Also, experts advise that it is better to pay the advance through check or credit card. Facilities such as a driver or navigation system might cost extra. Most companies have a website so make sure you read the company’s policy and are familiar with the different packages they offer.
    In case of traffic fines, the amount will be recovered from the renter’s security deposit.