Dubai’s Flying Taxies are Set to Takeoff by End of 2017

dubai flying taxi

Ever since something round and spiky (wheel) was introduced, travelling for man has always been a slow process. And today the sight of man travelling to space has become a usual news all around. Our ancestors wouldn’t have imagined anything to fly high in the air other than the birds. It started with the flying of kites and then the Wright Brothers inventing their first flying machine “The Wright Flyer” and now the technology is tested by our hands by inventing anything that strikes our mind to meet the needs of a man.

Dubai, the future city will now see its people flying in the air with the new invention of the “Flying Taxies”. Volocopter, the aviation start-up company in Germany has lately announced its deal with the Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority to launch their invention in the early dates of fourth-quarter of 2017. Alexander Zosel, the co-founder of Volocopter feels proud that the RTA has partnered with them after a crucial testing for several days and it was because of their “stringent safety standards” that has outlived the other competitors. Volocopter will not be the sole flying taxi service in Dubai’s airspace. The RTA had conjointly inked a deal with the Chinese drone company Ehang to check its single-person quadcopter as a different alternative.

The taxi is powered by clean electricity with nine independent battery systems (charging time of 40 minutes) and comprising of 18 rotors to ensure safe cruising and landing of the taxi. The aircraft holds a capacity of 2 persons and flies at a speed of 50 Kilometer per Hour. According to Al Tayer, RTA director-general and chairman of the board of executive directors, said that the aerial taxi has autopilot flying techniques that enables the movement of people without any human interruption or any need for a flight license.