Dubai Police helps Missing Girl Reunite with her Family

dubai police girl missing

Almost 91.2 million people who transited through Dubai International Airports last year, lost many items on the airport and some even lost their child being in a hurry.

Reportedly, an Asian couple forgot their three year-old on their way back home from the Dubai International Airport. Al Ain-based family were called and informed about their forgotten daughter by the police. According to the local media reports, the parents didn’t notice the missing girl until the police called them.

The child was found in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. Cameras were used to identify the girl’s family.
The police took care of the girl and ensured she did not feel alone or scared until the family returned.

It apparently had created the confusion that the family took two vehicles to reach Al Ain. The man told the cops that since it was a big family, they had taken two cars to go to Al Ain city and he thought that his daughter was in the second vehicle.

The family returned to the airport to get their daughter who was very happy to see her family again. The family thanked the police for their gesture and left the airport happily.