Dubai Municipality’s Unique 9.7km Hiking Trail in Mushrif National Park

Dubai Municipality’s Unique 9.7km Hiking Trail in Mushrif National Park

Dubai Municipality has revealed that the opening of a 9.7km hiking trail in Mushrif National Park will be delayed. The trail, which is the first of its kind in Dubai, features an 8.3km yellow recreational track and a 1.4km orange sports course designed for athletes with advanced fitness levels.

Originally planned to open later this month, the trail will now welcome the public from June 20. The hiking path is equipped with signage, wooden stairways, bridges, slopes, and rest areas to enhance the experience for hikers.

To ensure the safety of visitors, the municipality has implemented a set of guidelines. These include carrying a mobile phone for emergencies, having an ample supply of drinking water, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and possessing necessary safety tools for hiking.

While children between the ages of 12 and 15 are allowed to use the tracks, they must be accompanied by an adult. It is emphasized that all users of the facilities should adhere to instructions provided, particularly in relation to the existing 50km sand bike track within Mushrif National Park.

Hikers are required to follow the designated track, walk in the designated direction, and refrain from starting fires, cooking, smoking, camping, or staying overnight in the forest.

Ahmed Al Zarooni, Director of Public Parks and Recreational Facilities Department in Dubai Municipality, expressed the uniqueness of the mountain track in Mushrif National Park and its appeal to walking, climbing, and adventure enthusiasts. The municipality has ensured the provision of necessary amenities and services, such as public restrooms, safety instructions, and signage boards with directions.

The trail will be open year-round and free for visitors and hikers to enjoy. In addition, it showcases various sculptures, wooden structures, slopes, and rest areas that offer panoramic views of the park’s landscape and wildlife. To assist hikers and ensure their safety, administrative and supervisory staff will be stationed at strategic locations along the trail.