Dubai’s Dress Code – What You Must Know

Dubai Dress Code

In a new country new city new place. It is time to bring out those vacation clothes buried deep in the wardrobe. Time for some summery yellows and breezy blues. Bring out your choicest colours, drape yourself to your heart’s desire and celebrate your day out with friends and family.

Dress code in Dubai

But keep in mind that even though Dubai is known to be a land of swift progression, it is also quite  stern when it comes to clothing as per traditions and customs. You have to be careful of what you choose to flaunt so as not to invite unwanted attention. Let us go through some of the dress codes of Dubai to let you stay on the safe side.


Down at the beach? All charged up for some crazy water sports? But worried about whether a bikini would be the right choice? Well, surprisingly you get the nod. Bathing suits are more than welcome if and only if it is decent enough not to attract stares. Topless bathing remains out of the question.

Since a beach invites crowds of all age groups, wearing sheer material, see-throughs, thongs etc are strict;y prohibited. Most importantly swim wear should be restricted to the beaches. Please do not forget to dry yourself off and do change into casuals as soon as you wish to leave the beach. Entering into malls, souks or hotels in swimwear is absolutely forbidden.

We recommend you to carry maxi-dresses or pool side clothes or knee-length shorts while you are at the pool. Men can wear t-shirts and shorts whether at the beach or at the pool.

Public Hot-Spots

Big posters or boards are placed at malls, souks and hotels stating the general rules of clothing. Since most of the locals and culturally conservative people are meant to visit such public places be sure to obey the rules in the best possible way.

Some of the basic rules are:

  • Wear respectful clothing.
  • Be sure to cover shoulders, thighs, stomach and chest. Do not expose too much.
  • Crop tops, mini-skirts, shorts, tank-tops etc should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Tight, body hugging or see through panels are not allowed.


Since it is a place of prayer, women are requested to wear full sleeved and floor length clothes and are requested to cover their head at all time while in the mosque. Men are not allowed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. Using phones, bringing in food and beverages and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Bars and Clubs

Do look chic, stylish and trendy. No one is stopping you. But do so with modesty and poise. Remain well-dressed even though the general dressing rules are bit relaxed here.


Since it is pretty hot and sandy, try to wear something loose and airy and which allows range of motion. But the temperature drops by a fair margin so do keep a cardigan or jacket in handy

Official Visits

During official visits to government or municipal places be sure to wear an abhaya or you will be offered to wear one. This is a newly introduced rule after several complaints of scantily clad woman have been reported.

Carry some staples

Places such as Malls, eateries and restaurants are well equipped with proper air-conditioning to ward off the heat. So carry some staples to go with the dress you choose to wear.

  • Jackets and Cardigans-This is for both men and women alike, keep yourself warm and cozy in case it gets too cold for your liking. It may also come up as a back-up plan if the cloth you choose to wear is too revealing.
  • Capris and Boleros-Its just what you need to compliment your short tops or skirts. It is not too revealing yet it still manages to keeps you cool.
  • Stoles and pashimas-The perfect companion for covering your shoulders and head. This is a light weight clothing and obviously does not occupy much of your baggage space.

If in-case somebody approaches to you with a complaint of not dressing appropriately, then do accept it obediently and offer to change it or do the needful instead of getting angry or throwing a fit because believe me the last thing you would want is to spend your vacation in the jail. Watch UK online porn Diana Dali, Patty Michova, Alina Henessy, Kira Queen etc. Stick to the golden rule of remaining modest at all times and we guarantee you would clearly stay out of trouble.