Top 10 Parks in Dubai

For a quiet walk or a place to spend the weekend, a park is the best option for all ages. Dubai is home to some of the choicest parks that will help to lift your mood any given day. From picnics to cycling or  a lovely stroll with your loved ones for these and many more, we have for you 10 best parks in Dubai.

1) Safa Park

Safa Park

Safa Park

This is one of the most sought after parks of Dubai built on a 150acre plot by United Arab Emirates. It is complete with playgrounds for kids, fun fairs and eateries and has large available spaces for those keen on picnics and games

It is a natural beauty and is visited by over 200 species of birds and is home to over 16924 species of plant life.

There are plenty of grassy lawns, a waterfall and about three lakes that offer a splendid panoramic view. There are four entrances to the park, one from each road that borders it. The lake also offers boating facilities.

2) Mamzar Beach Park

Mamzar Beach Park

Mamzar Beach Park

It is one of Dubai’s best beach park. It is so large and extensive that you can hop on to a car and go for a drive .The Mamzar beach park consists of 5 beaches, open grasslands and swimming pools. You can also have a great view of the Sharjah Lagoon. You can also find many eateries, souvenir shops, stalls, parlours etc that you can visit. There is a small fee to get in- 5 Dhs per person if you are walking in and 40 Dhs per car if you are driving in. The pool charges a nominal fee for entry too- approx 10 Dhs. You can also hire chalets for the day which is great if there is a large group of you- gives you a base.

3) Al Barsha Park

Al Barsha Park

Al Barsha Park

Another famous park that is said to be to be very popular with local residents is the Al Barsha Park.

If you are a fitness freak then do check-out this park which offers a running track and lots of free space to exercise. You can also use it for cycling. There are plenty of tennis and basketball courts, football grounds and also lots of gym equipments.

4) Mushrif Park

The Mushrif park has a serene woodland. There is a zoo for the animal lovers where you can find different types of goats, camels and horses. You can have fun riding on toy trains and jumping into swimming pools. There is also a replica of the ‘It’s a small world’ houses. The entry fee is cheap and costs 5Dhs per person and 30Dhs by car. It is a perfect place for family outings and barbecue sessions.

5) Creek Park

This park is located on the shores of the Dubai Creek. It is one of the oldest places in Dubai and is even popular today. Since it is located near the creek it is the perfect place to go for walks since you can enjoy cool breeze and lots of raw natural beauty of nature. The Children City Centre, Dubai Dolphinarium and a as for the adults, a ride on the cable car and the miniature train is a must. You can also rent bikes and visit cafes and eateries. There is a great place for roller skating and it also has an amphitheatre.

6) Safa Park 2

This is a much smaller park than the first Safa Park. It is a perfect place to go with your family since it has many green lawns to chill out. It is also a perfect place for kids to spend a day out.

7) Za’abeel Park

This is one of the largest parks in Dubai. It gets very busy during the weekends because it is situated near residential areas. The main attraction is the StarGate which is a children’s entertainment arena. It also has wide open spaces, adventure playgrounds and a lake with boating facilities. You can treat your eye to beautiful sculptures such as the giant chess inspired Rubik’s cube type structure, an amphitheatre and areas for picnics and barbeques.

8) Al Rashidiya Park 

This is a small family park which is situated close to the international airport and the nearby Rashidiya Metro station. There are lots of parks and playgrounds for children and cool shady areas for adults to relax. The entry fee is nominal whereas Wednesdays and Saturdays are for ladies and children only.

9) Satwa Park 

The park has lots of playgrounds, green lawns, football grounds, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. There is a track for jogging and for taking long walks. It is 6m in width and is raised slightly. There is a beautiful place with palm trees with a fountain which is a perfect place for relaxing after a hard day at work.

10) Umm Suqeim Park

This park is situated near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and is a lovely green space to spend time in. It is a family park and only women and children are allowed in during the week. But men are allowed to come with their families during the weekends. There is a small beach, a small café and children’s play areas. It is not available the entire day though.